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We Clean, We Give Back

In awe of the grand opening of Endeavor’s Veteran’s Wellness Center whose doors open on Veteran’s Day, IWC Cleaning is giving back to the brave men and women who’ve put their lives at risk for our nation, liberty and justice. From July 1st to August 5th, with the purchase of any one of our packages, IWC Cleaning will make a match donation to Endeavors Veteran’s Wellness Center up to $10,000 while setting a goal to raise an additional $30,000 from Aug. 6th to the Nov. 11th inauguration!

Veterans In Our Community

  • The veteran population in Texas is about 1.4 million.

  • San Antonio is home to roughly 250,000 veterans and 80,000 active-duty personnel. 

  • Bexar County is the 6th largest veteran population in the nation & the most densely populated community in Texas.

  • 1 out of 8 residents in Bexar County is tied to the military.

Setbacks on this Vulnerable Demographic

  • Bexar County ranks #1 for death toll for military, while veteran suicides as a whole continue to be significantly higher than the national suicide rate.

  • The percentage of disabilities in veterans has risen over the years to about 30% of veteran population with PTSD, mood disorders, anxiety, and substance abuse among the most prevalent.

  • Almost 40,000 vets nationwide are without shelter on any given night and 1,900 of them are in Texas, with the leading cause being social isolation, unemployment, and lack of support.

But there is hope when communities work together. Since its founding 1969, Endeavors has helped over 16k vets and their families every year to obtain a safer place to sleep at night, connect with resources for employment opportunities and provide mental health services to post 9/11 vets.

  • Endeavors operated clinics served 2,138 veterans and military family members last year. 

  • They also served 1,094 clients from their SA Cohen Clinic (56% were vets and 44% were families of veterans) providing 118 Life Skills and Wellness Events in which 3,158 people participated.


"Makes Me Smile" - $150

Upholstery Package

You Will Receive:
Upholstery cleaning for a 4-seat sectional sofa or a loveseat, ottoman, and chair or other similar equivalent furniture pieces in the living room of your home

You Will Provide:
One Week’s Worth of Food for Family of Four


"Grateful Vet" - $200

Carpet Care

You Will Receive:
Entire Home or Office Green Carpet Cleaning for 4 Rooms and a Hallway

You Will Provide:
2 Hours of Counseling Services to a Veteran In Need


"We Got This" - $300

Sanitizing Kit

You Will Receive:
Your Personal Blue Light Sterilizing Fogger with 4 Units of Ecofriendly EPA Certified Disinfecting Solution to take sanitation where you go while eliminating & inhibiting the growth of germs, bacteria, and viruses on the go! A limited time offer.

You Will Provide:
2 Month’s Worth of Life Skills Classes for 30 Veterans


"It Feels Good" - $500

Exterior Full Home Detail

You Will Receive:
Soft Washing Soffit, Facia, Gutters, Walls, Window Frames & Front Entry; Pressure Washing Driveway & Walkway to your Front Door or Front Porch, and Siding, Decking, and Fencing up to 1,500 sq. ft in overall surface. 

You Will Provide:
Rent for One Month for a Veteran Family in Need


"Revitalization" - $700

The Ultimate Makeover

You Will Receive:
Everything in the above Exterior Full Home Detail that includes a 360-degree exterior pressure washing PLUS a residential deep cleaning service for a home up to 5,000 sq.ft. topped with an air & surface disinfecting add-on lasting up to 60 days PLUS an additional specialty add-on (carpet, cleaning service).

You Will Provide:
Rent for One Month for a Veteran Family in Need Plus 2 Week’s Worth of Food


"Pay It Forward" - $1000

The Ultimate Makeover

You Will Receive:
Customized Janitorial Cleaning Services that Fit Your Budget & Needs for One-Month through Superior Health & Safety Standards to Get Your Business Where You Need It. Build A Package Around Your Budget. 

You Will Provide:
Transportation Services, Life Skills Classes, Rent for One Month and Food for 2 Weeks for a Veteran Family of Five

GRAND OPENING of the Endeavors Veteran Wellness Center

From mental health to physical health to holistic health, this center will offer Veterans many services that will help them improve their quality of life, as well as the quality of life for their families, military dependents, and the care community.

“I have discovered a lot about myself and have been able to

reconstruct my own thinking. I feel connected with my therapist

and overall am already living a healthier, happier lifestyle!”


– Client, Cohen Clinic at Endeavors San Antonio


PTSD & Anxiety are not the End of the Story: How One Veteran Got Back On His Feet

Homeless to Housed: How This Army Veteran Found Success after Experiencing Homelessness

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