IWC cleaning provides a high quality floor cleaning services that will refurbish your flooring making them look like new, while removing mold and dirt. Our machinery uses a spinning microfiber and cotton cleaning bonnets that aggressively clean and extract dirt, dust, soil and built-up residue. Not only will our powerful equipment leave your floor’s cleaner, but will also remove an average of 96% of common household allergens.

Why Put Floor Finish on a Floor?
Floor finish is used to provide a renewable, restorable, ‘rejuvenate-able’ wear layer on a resilient floor. The built-in, anti-slip properties are most effective if a finished floor is maintained at high shine, and the built-in waxes in the finish are able to yield a higher coefficient of friction to make the floor less slippery and to:

  • Add shine and beautify the floor.

  • Make the floor easier to clean.

  • Protect the floor, thus lowering the overall cost of care and repair.

The common myth that shiny finished floors are more slippery than dull finished floors is generally false. A good floor finish is designed to provide the right coefficient of friction for slip-resistant floors, but only if the finish is cleaned and maintained properly, which results in shiny floors.