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One Air & Surface Disinfection Session for Your Office or Home | Up to 2,000 sq. Ft. 

Your purchase will provide One Week’s Worth of Food for a Family of Four


IWC provides the fastest and most effective way to disinfect and decontaminate surfaces through electrostatic fogging technology - a tool used to release positively charged mist that spreads across 3D surfaces like a magnet, reaching the toughest and most porous areas and guaranteeing a 360-degree complete sanitation.

Our team of professionals are trained to disinfect any indoor or outdoor surface and material with our unique ecofriendly, non-toxic, all-natural, EPA registered solutions that can destroy 99% of surface and airborne bacteria, germs, mold, fungi, and viruses in a matter of seconds. 

IWC Cleaning has the right formula to make your residential or commercial property safe for yourself, your loved ones, and your employees with products that last on the surface up to 60 days. Mitigate infection control this season by scheduling your service and experience how the IWC experts handle sanitation.