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6-Month Air & Surface Disinfection Sessions + Personal Blue Ray Sterilizing Spray Gun + Solution Replenishment 


You will cover Rent for One Month for a Veteran Family in Need Plus 2 Weeks' Worth of Food

Take sanitation where you go with this special offer that includes a blue-ray UV nano atomizing spraying gun and replenishment of our unique EPA-certified solution as supplement to a monthly disinfection session for 6 months – allowing you to elevate your infection control strategy in almost any situation.

By incorporating a recurring monthly disinfecting service, our team of skilled professionals trained according to CDC guidelines, will ensure superior health & safety standards with our industrial strength, hospital-grade, disinfecting solutions that eradicate and prevent harmful viruses, bacteria and pathogens.

Our nano blue-ray nano atomizing spraying gun will allow you to achieve similar results, while eliminating & inhibiting the growth of germs even on the go! Equipped with our very own ecofriendly, non-toxic, organic solution that is sprayed through a UV powered blue ray to achieve maximum sterilization. Its lightweight design makes it easy to carry anywhere you go everywhere you go – as an additional measure to protect your health. 

Spray on walk-in customers, visitors, or staff; spray in shared vehicles and aircrafts; spray on objects, utensils or toys; and spray environments as you go! IWC is proud to have contributed to the creation of a solution that is safe, effective, and green, because we clean, and we care.